The University's plan is subject to change based on our evolving understanding of COVID-19 and its impact.

Junior Parents Weekend 2022 
Dates: To be announced


Welcome to Junior Parents Weekend 2021! 

Welcome home. Using the same two words that adorned the top of our admissions letter, we welcome you to the University of Notre Dame for the annual celebration of Junior Parents Weekend. Unfortunately, with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still lingering, we are currently planning to transition to a virtual JPW celebration in order to ensure that all of our classmates and their families remain safe and healthy. WIth the announcement of the new semester calendar, the JPW Committee is finalizing the dates and will share with the Junior class soon. 

To our parents, Father Ted Hesburgh, C.S.C., once asked, “How does one describe, for those who haven’t spent years here, how special this place is?” Junior Parents Weekend is a time for us to give you a glimpse into this remarkable place that we love. We ask you to take this time to experience our “Home Under the Dome.” To our fellow students, we invite you to view this weekend as a chance to reflect on your Notre Dame story and your remaining time as undergraduate students at this university. 

We hope that you all have an incredible experience this weekend, filled with quality family time and unforgettable memories. Junior Parents Weekend is a unique opportunity for all members of the Notre Dame family to understand why our Lady’s University will be in our hearts forever. So, take it all in and Go Irish!


2021 Junior Parents Weekend Committee

Jonathan Couri- JPW Co-Chair

Molly O'Brien- JPW Co-Chair

Keely Carney- College of Arts and Letters Chair

Ingrid Vu- College of Business Chair

Adam Bisignani- College of Engineering Chair

Ellyn Jarrell- College of Science Chair

Colin Pifer- Event Chair

Mabry Webb- Event Chair

Maya Puterbaugh- Event Chair

George Seyfried- Mass Chair

Maura Hogaboom- Sophomore Co-Chair

Natalie Ortega- Sophomore Co-Chair

Alicia Bates- JPW Staff Advisor