Mendoza College of Business Showcase


Welcome to the Mendoza College of Business Showcase!



2:00-2:10pm - Pre-recorded message from Dean Martijn Cremers

2:10-2:30pm - Marketing - Christian Hughes, Vamsi Kanuri, Mitchell Olsen and Scott Griffith (+ Shankar Ganesan, Joe Cherian)

2:30-2:50pm  Management & Organization - Wendy Angst, Craig Crossland, and Chris Stevens

2:50-3:10pm- Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations - Corey Angst, Mike Chapple, Krista Foster, and Huy Huynh

3:10-3:30pm -  Finance - Carl Ackermann and Robert Battalio

3:30-3:50pm - Accountancy - Sandra Vera-Munoz, Keith Urtel, Elizabeth Chorvat and Jamie O'Brien