Purchasing Tickets

Based on the University's resources and staffing needs related to the weekend’s large-scale events, we are no longer able to add attendees to the President's Dinner event on Saturday, February 18. In the interest of honoring our commitment to welcoming all Junior parents to this year's JPW, a secondary registration has been opened (available here), with a discounted registration fee for the weekend; please note, those who register from this point forward will have access to the full line-up of JPW events, with the exception of the President's Dinner on Saturday evening.


Important Dates:

  • February 2 - Standard registration time closes
  • February 10 - Cancelation/Refund Deadline

*Dates subject to change

**Registration fees are non-refundable. 

The JPW Committee is committed to making this event affordable for as many families as possible. Financial support for tickets, travel, and/or lodging may be available pending eligibility.  Please contact the Office of Student Enrichment at enrich@nd.edu for more information on requests for financial assistance.

Please email jpw@nd.edu with any questions.